Story about storms, trees and piano stools

One day during a healing session my acupuncturist friend asked if I ever tried piano improvisation. I haven’t even thought about it after failing miserably trying to compose a song as a kid in five minutes. But that question stayed with me and later that week I decided to see what happens if I sat by the piano and let my hands do what they want. I don’t exactly remember what happened but soon I realized that there was complitely new music coming through my hands that I had never heard before! That was my first piece ”Dance Of The Two Flames” and soon after that came ”Peeling The Onion” and ”Leap Of Faith I” and ”Leap Of Faith II”. Strange thing is that I don’t really remember composing those songs. The flow state I was at was so amazing and magical that it’s difficult to really explain it. In December I had my first studio recording session for my first four compositions and in January 2019 the songs were published in Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and Google Play etc. Miracles do happen.


Whenever I’ve been shaked by the fiercest storms of life Bach, Debussy and Michael Nyman have always dragged me back to my roots. Back to my beige piano stool. From there I’ve always managed to grow new branches which have lead me to those life lessons I most needed at that time. During yet another storm in the fall 2018 I found myself once again sitting on that beige velvet stool.  A long life period at my old job had ended and I was supposed to figure out what to do when I grow up. My New Year’s resolution 31.12.2017 was not to figure out anything with my little brain. Instead, I decided to wait until some deeper wisdom inside me tells me what I should do. So I waited, waited and waited; played piano and waited.

About the storms and piano stools. I hadn’t totally abandoned that stool but different life lessons always seemed to take me elsewhere and the poor stool was alone again .After that hurricane and my first compositions in the fall 2018  it hit me that actually I’m not supposed to leave that stool never again. I realized I want to get back to teaching piano after over 10 years’ break. But that wasn’t all. I’ve always known I’m kind of multi-dimensional. Even though music is a huge part of me, part of my soul, I felt I’m supposed to do something else as well. Something big and important. Soon I learned that my purpose is to heal people. What could be a greater gift! So I started studying massage, meditation, reiki and other alternative healing treatments. Wow, what a feeling that was to realize that this was it! My purpose.

One beautiful summer night I was feeling a bit off so I and my ”manager/web designer/graphic designer” husband decided to go to the Lapinlahden lähde to soak in the healing power of the nature. The surroundings were so inspiring that we immediately got into the flow of planning my future business. I threw out a questions to the Universe: What could be the name of my new company and what kind of logo would it have? In only about three seconds we both got the same vision in our minds eye - a big tree, oak or small-leaved lime tree - and I had googled intuitively ”tree of life”. The symbolizm of the term resonated with me so deeply that I knew this was it. My future.

I started to love the idea of my own business soon after realizing my purpose. I’ve always admired entrepreneurs who work in many different fields and get to use all of their gifts and creativity; master their own schedules and live their passion.  I never dared to dream I could live that way but now when I was in the middle of this suprising state of freedom I figured that it would be unpolite to the Universe not to try since it gave me this amazing new freedom to actually go after my dreams! I decided to trust life. I gathered that when you’re in a situation like this when you’ve taken this crazy leap of faith and left the old you to follow your dreams you have no other choice but to trust. Trust that the Universe catches you. I’ve been an entrepreneur before and I know it’s a risk. But you can’t control life anyway, anything could happen, so why not spend your life doing what you feel is your purpose instead of trying to follow the safest path?

And then there was a beautiful old small-leaved lime tree standing in front of us at Lapinlahden Lähde.  Suddenly my creation - my own company -  my Tree Of Life started to breath. 


”Like trees we are never alone but a part of a larger picture. Trees receive their life force from the sun and the moon. They stand tall and strong and reach to the sun. Roots deep in the Mother Earh they survive the toughest storms. They are born from the tiny seed and spread out and up – just like people do when they gather knowlegde and gain wisdom and experience over their lifetime. Every individual is different and grows to be exactly what it’s meant to.  Trees go through a lot over their lifespan and might brake some of their braches but yet grow strong; their unique traits make them even stronger and distinctive. A tree drops its leaves each winter but is equally sure to grow new fresh buds every spring. Trees symbolize peace and quiet. Even when the storms shake the trees and branches may break the roots anchor the tree firmly into the ground.  There’s always peace inside the tree; the trust that life is infinite.”